Venture Kidz

Infant – 6th grade

At Venture, we know that children have questions, explosive amounts of energy and imaginations to match!

Venture Kidz is full of fun and creative ways to teach little ones about the amazing love of God. Our Children’s Ministry is here to impact the largest number of children and families through fun, safe, and relevant programs, so they can learn about Jesus.

Download the Parent Cue App

The Parent Cue App provides you with simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments. You will receive prompts for videos, activities, discussion questions and more that will help you connect with your child around a key virtue. These prompts will come in the form of Drive Time videos, Hang Time activities, and Meal Time discussion starters to help you fit them into the day-to-day moments of your routine.


Infants and toddlers spend time playing, hearing stories, listening to music, or maybe just taking a mid-morning nap. Ages two through five experience a large group program, using a curriculum called First Look, that includes music and an interactive lesson, followed by a craft, which corresponds with the theme for the week.


K - 4th Grade

Playing games, making messy art, dancing and being encouraged to sing at the top of your voice with a live band every Sunday, that’s what we got goin’ on in Venture Kidz for k-4th graders. Our program is a Sunday morning experience that will leave your kid excited, closer to Christ and eager to tell you all about it (be prepared to learn a thing or two).


Special Needs Ministry

The Special Needs Ministry partners with families so children (infant-6th grade) with special needs may fully participate in the Children’s Ministry programming. Our desire is to provide an opportunity for children with special needs to learn about God’s love in a way that is accessible to them. Learn more.


Grapple Schedule (4th & 5th grade):

Grapple meets Sundays (9:30 & 11 a.m.) in the Grapple room (past the Venture Kidz check-in station).

First Time at Venture Kidz?

Here’s What You Should Know:

  • Once you walk into Venture, look for the New Family Check-In area at Children’s Ministry.
  • Please have the following info ready to provide for registering a new child: Name, address, telephone number, email, child’s birthdate.
  • Also, bring a list of any allergies your child has (we put a special alert on their nametags to keep them safe during snack time).

We Take Security to Heart

  • We background check and obtain a reference letter for every volunteer before they get started.
  • New volunteers interview with Randy Mannor, Children’s Ministry Director.
  • Our security guards check to make sure every person who enters the area is either a volunteer, a parent (have a matching tag with kids), or has checked-in for a temporary tag.
  • All children 4th grade and younger may NOT be picked up unless they are with an adult with the matching sticker.
  • Our Venture security system reproduces a new number for the family every week so as not to reuse numbers and make stickers to pick up kids that are not theirs.
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