My Stories

Everyone Has a Story

People from Venture share some life experiences, from the incredible to the relatable, while retelling the love of God and how it has manifested in their lives. Everyone has a story, and these inspirational videos come from people brave enough to share theirs with all of us.

Courage in the face of bullying – Faith’s My Story
Brokenness and healing in marriage  – Matt’s My Story
Venture’s Student Ministries Director Eric Anderson shares his story
Expressing God’s Grace & Forgiveness – Daren’s My Story
Overcoming Addiction – Chris’s My Story
The impact of an invitation – Kara’s My Story
Caring for others in times of need – Sarah’s My Story
I didn’t know where I was going in life – Lance’s My Story Pt. 1
Faith & personal growth through small groups – Andy and Jaime’s My Story
Taking the next step in managing money – James & Kelly’s My Story
Living for Him – Lance’s My Story Pt. 2
The power of transformation – Brielle’s My Story
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