The Venture Story

Lead Pastor, Terry Prisk, Tells the Venture Story

16 years ago I was happy, making a good living as a speaker, author, and consultant. I never dreamt of starting a church. But God was nudging me toward something different and speaking to me through other friends and mentors in my life. I was driving West Bound on I-96 near the Wixom exit and I know I heard from God, not as an audible voice, but I heard from Him and I broke out in laughter and nearly swerved into the next lane.

I couldn’t believe what God was saying!

But that near car accident was the beginning of Venture and little did I know the adventure it’d take me on.

I knew at the time that with the right group of people, with the right vision to reach people far from God, there was a chance we could make this church thing work. We dreamt that in the Northwest suburbs of Detroit we could start a church, that on any given Sunday, people who didn’t previously feel at home in church could hear the greatest message ever shared: the message of Jesus Christ. 

We wanted to be, not a traditional church but a creative church, not have services but experiences, where from the minute a person puts on their turn signal to enter the parking lot they experience Christ. We wanted to welcome people with an attitude of come as you are but don’t leave as you came. 

In the past 15 plus years, we’ve grown and changed as a church but God doesn’t change. He desires to change us. I like to challenge everyone who enters our doors to never settle for good when you can experience great. I know I come across as an intense guy but it’s not just intensity, it’s passion, because people matter to God and if they matter to God they matter to us.

As far as we’ve come we continue to be committed to our purpose of helping all people take their next steps with God. We believe in Christ, in God’s word and giving our very best to reach others with open hands! 

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