The Venture Out Challenge

Capture the adventure of taking your faith beyond the walls of the church.

This Summer, you can impact under-resourced families both locally and globally by joining the Venture Out Challenge.
The rules are simple:
  • Purchase a Venture Out water bottle ($10 – available in the Venture lobby)
  • Take a pic or video of yourself & your bottle with friends and neighbors (or even the UPS guy!). The more exciting the better!

When you post your pic on Facebook or Instagram, make sure to use the hashtag #VentureOut and to tag @VentureOn59. Each post earns $1 and our goal is 3,500 posts by September 1st.

3,500 posts = $3,500venture out bottle

The money you raise will make a huge impact for families in need.
  1. Locally, Venture is partnering with Love INC to fund a program that equips families with the life skills to get out of poverty.
  2. Globally, this cause will fund scholarships for people to join in on mission trips and make a difference in places like Nepal, Guatemala, and Africa.

Give Your Adventures New Meaning

Ways you can get involved in Venture Out.

  • Get the Word Out: Tell a friend about what the Venture Challenge is all about and get a pic with that person and your water bottle –then post it on social! Examples include: your neighbor, co-worker, favorite barista, or workout buddy.
  • Push Past Your Boundaries: Grab your water bottle and go explore the unexplored. This may mean hiking a mountain, water skiing for the first time, road-tripping, or running your first 10k. Wherever your adventure takes you, make sure you capture it, share it, and pass on the challenge to Venture Out.
  • Pass It On: Share the link so more people can learn about the challenge. Let friends know they can join in by getting their own #VentureOut water bottle (just $10, available at Venture Church).
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