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Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly Experiences! Our Children’s Ministry and Special Need’s Ministry meet during Experience times. We also have signing at the 11 a.m. Experiences for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.


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September Series: Bold Prayer

How many of our prayers are riddled with the word “just”? We ask God to just do this or just make that happen. We come to the Creator of the Universe with timid or desperate or superficial prayers. Why? Because we sometimes don’t feel connected with God and many of us lose our voice when we bow our heads. This series is all about shaking up this notion of prayer and realizing that the Bible informs us to pray like we are pounding on a door, like we are truly talking to the Creator, like we are not afraid of BOLD PRAYER.

September 10: Believing God is Holy
God is bigger. Whatever fear or worry has you inserting the word “just” into your prayer, God is bigger than that because God is Holy. This week we talk about what that word Holy means and how it makes all the difference when we pray bold.
September 17: Looking Beyond Ourselves

How many of our prayers are confined to ourselves? In order to prayer bigger and bolder, we need to look further with our prayers. God is at the forefront of the movement to bring heaven crashing into earth – be a part of that effort by using your prayers to better the world.

September 24: Trusting God is Enough

Sometimes the boldest prayer is the prayer that asks for nothing. When is the last time you put your hands together and thanked God for all His blessings today?

October 1: Unclenching Our Fists

It’s very hard to pray if your fists are clenched together in anger and bitterness. God has released us from the bonds of shame and guilt – who are we to deny that release to others? We have the freedom and the opportunity, each day, to unclench our fists, look to God and say “I have forgiven this person, I release this anger.”

October 8: Equipped With Wisdom

Communicating with God is what we need to cling to during difficulties. Prayer, especially bold prayer, is what equips us with the wisdom to choose the right path.

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