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Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly Experiences! Our Children’s Ministry and Special Need’s Ministry meet during Experience times. We also have signing at the 11 a.m. Experiences for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing.


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January Series: Now What?

Christmas is over and the New Year is underway so…now what? We celebrated the big day but, after the 25th, who really cares that a baby was born in a manger – does it even effect our lives today? Maybe you’re feeling this anticlimactic letdown after Christmas, or maybe you’re already swept up in 2018 and couldn’t care less about a holiday that’s come and gone. But, the birth of Jesus, the entire reason for the season, wasn’t a singular event that’s remembered each year, it’s an ongoing miracle that continues to shape our lives to this very day – if we let it. In this series we address the question many people ask this time of year: Now what? What do we do with the miracle of Christ’s birth? What does it mean for me today?

Jan 7th: Now We Have Value

Jesus’ birth meant far more than a baby in a manger. It meant more to the people who were alive when it happened, and it means more to us living and breathing today. That’s because He came to bring the message that we are valued by God. Each one of us is instilled with the value of having been created by a God who cherishes us and sees us as fitting into a much larger picture than our everyday lives.

Jan 14: Now We Have Freedom

Jesus was not only sent to bring value, but He was also sent to offer freedom. Freedom from the chains of emotional, spiritual, and relational burden. In order to relinquish ourselves from these chains, we need to commit ourselves to Christ, the One who has the key to our joy, our purpose, and our peace.

Jan 21: Now We Have Grace

Christ’s birth ushered in something new for humanity: Grace. God offers us grace, something we cannot obtain on our own, so that we cannot only be valued and free, but also forgiven. We no longer have to work and worry for our salvation, we simply need to believe in the birth of Christ and all that His arrival means for our lives and our world.

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