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Learn More About the Venture Way of Doing Church

Discover Venture is a workshop for those who want to get the heartbeat of the church: what we believe, how we’re engaging with the community, and the philosophy behind who we are as a church. This is also the class for those interested in exploring how to become a Partner with Venture.

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Becoming a Venture Partner

When you become a Partner with Venture, it means you are joining and supporting a community of people who are dedicated to the same Mission, Vision and Purpose. Everyone is welcome at Venture, but if you feel called to become an integral part of what we are doing as a church and want to be on the team that takes us into the future that God provides, then we encourage you to make that commitment official and become a Partner. Here are the steps to becoming a Partner:

1. Join the “Discover” Life Group. These classes explore what Christianity is and how we live it out, as well as our vision, mission and our core values. We will also discover you spiritual gifts and how to apply them. After you have taken this course, if you decide you would like to become a Partner, turn in your Partner Agreement at the Welcome Center or to the Venture office.

2. Have a short interview with one of our Elders.

3. Attend a Partner Reception where we celebrate your new partnership. These are held at least twice a year during our regular Sunday Experiences.

Attend a Meet & Greet!

Another great way to learn about Venture is to attend a Meet & Greet with Lead Pastor, Terry Prisk and Creative Director, Jeanette Prisk.

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