Venture Mission Trips

Compassion knows no bounds, and neither do we.

Making a global impact means being catalysts for God’s will to end suffering for all His people. We do this by working hand-in-hand with organizations already established in countries around the world. Mission trips are a vital part of what God calls us to do as a church and the driving force behind our desire to exhibit the tangible love of Christ to people in our region, our country, and our the world.

Upcoming Mission Trips

Venture is sending out teams to invest in the lives of men, women and children who are being served by our global ministry partners. You do not have to physically travel with a team in order to be a significant part of our mission trips. It takes a much larger team of prayer partners and financial donors to make the journey possible. Check out these trips to learn more about the missions and how you can be a part of or support these teams.

Regional Trips

Eagle Village, Michigan

Focus: Minor Construction / Repairs | Clean-up & Landscaping | Special Projects | Kid Activities

Eagle Village is a powerful place. They focus on improving the health and well-being of children and families. Young people who are faced with many obstacles are given a safe place to heal their hurts and realize their full potential. Eagle Village is child-centered, family-focused and Spirit-driven … they are reaching young people who have been unreachable and families who are desperate for help … they are Changing Tomorrow Together!

This trip is FAMILY FRIENDLY! There will be a variety of serving opportunities for everyone to experience. Your team will help with much-needed work projects … and you will have amazing opportunities to build some great relationships. Yes, you will get to spend time with some of the kids, just hanging out, having some fun … all the while, modeling “healthy families” for them. It will be a BLAST!

Get more info on the Eagle Village Family Trips.

National Trips

Appalachia, West Virginia

Focus: Building Relationships in the Community | Minor Construction | Repairs | Children’s Program

In West Virginia, your team will build on the strengths and skills of the Appalachian community that you serve. You will repair and improve homes, making them safe and warm … Minister to children, helping them to feel loved … Serve local organizations, supporting the community … and bring hope to families in need.

At the end of the week, all of the teams serving across Barbour County will come together with all of the families served throughout the week to experience a good old-fashioned community cookout.

It only takes a week to create a lifetime of change! Join us and create a lifetime of memories for your family.

Get more info on the Appalachia Family Trip.

International Trips

Antigua, Guatemala

Focus: Local Church Plant | Children’s Home | Hospital for Disabled Children

God is opening a new door for us to expand our horizons in Guatemala. Next year, we will travel to Antigua to serve alongside Shoreline Guatemala—a new church plant that is on mission to make it “On Earth as it is in Heaven”.

Join us on our “maiden voyage” as we check out new opportunities to be part of God’s Kingdom building.

Shoreline Guatemala exists to reach the lost, help the hurting and raise up the next generation of church planters and missionaries.
Your team is a vital link in helping Shoreline Guatemala preach the Gospel and bring the Hope of Christ to the poor, the lost, the orphan, the forgotten and the broken … Those who are close to God’s heart.

JOIN US and explore God’s mission field in a new territory!

Get more info on the Guatemala Trips.

Pokot (Kenya / Uganda), Africa 2017

Venture Church has been serving the Pokot tribe in Kenya for years. Only 10% of the tribe has access to clean water.

From June 15th – June 22nd, three “young” dads from Venture Church will scout the opportunities we have with the Pokot tribe. They will also cross into Uganda to see a proposed ministry center. Pray for God to help us see next steps in the ministry, to protect all of us from evil, and to bless the Pokot people as we partner with them.

The Compassion Ministry at Venture Church is committed to serving the poor. Venture has helped in past projects including building wells and schools, and providing financial support to pastors who are sent to serve the tribe all around “rural” Kenya. We so appreciate your generosity & partnership!

Support the Pokot 2017 Vision Trip!

Kenya, Africa 2018

Imagine a place where there is barely enough food to go around; a desert land where famine, drought, disease and death is constant; a place where older siblings take care of the younger ones because the infancy death rate is so high that moms can’t bear to create a bond with the baby she knows she may lose; a place where water, even dirty water, is often non-existent … where clean, drinkable water is a dream come true. Welcome to Kenya, Africa!

Contact the Compassion team about future mission trips and opportunities to serve this ministry.


Venture Church is committed to locking arms with KI Nepal in advancing their ministry of rescuing and restoring girls out of human trafficking. KI Nepal fights human trafficking and violence against women by equipping them with skills and knowledge to bring positive holistic change – physically, socially and spiritually – and to live lives of dignity and hope. We are excited about the opportunity to serve alongside KI Nepal as they work to empower women and help them change their situations.


World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to helping children, families & communities reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ, World Vision serves alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.

We partner with World Vision for our Appalachia, West Virginia trip.

Eagle Village

Since 1968 Eagle Village has been a first option – or maybe a last resort – for young people who are experiencing personal challenges. It is a beautiful 683-acre facility that offers programs and counseling for thousands of abused, neglected and troubled children annually.

We partner with Eagle Village for our Eagle Village, Michigan trip.

Pokot Outreach Ministries & Harvesters International Ministries

For more than 20 years, Pokot Outreach Ministry (POM) has been meeting the needs of people in Pokot, Kenya. Under the direction of Julius Murgor and his wife Rachel, this ministry has grown reaching more and more people each year. There are estimated to be more than 1 million Pokot people and they live in some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Through the ministry of POM, there is an increased hope among the people as they learn about the love of Christ, and are shown that kind of love in tangible ways.

We partner with Pokot Outreach Ministry for our Kenya, Africa trip.

KI Nepal

KI Nepal has counseled thousands of girls at the border crossing into India and rescued hundreds from trafficking into India. The organization provides education, training in income generation and spiritual support in its ongoing efforts to protect girls and young women from human trafficking.

We partner with KI Nepal for our Nepal trip.

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