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Weekend Experiences at Venture are a combination of friendly faces, live music, engaging visuals, dramatic arts and relevant talks about issues that affect us here and now. No need to wear a tie, quote chapters of Scripture or even sing in the right key, because Experiences at Venture come down to God, the Bible, and people. We are a contemporary, non-denominational church whose home base is in Howell, Michigan. We began as a small group of people who dreamt of a church that balances words with action & we’ve grown into a team of people who are making an impact in the community and around the world. Wherever you’ve been, whoever you are, and whatever your thoughts about God, we invite you to join us on Sundays @ 9:30 and 11 a.m. 


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    Randy Mannor is the Leader of the DadFest Team and the Director of Children’s Ministry. Father’s day is coming quickly. …
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    Betsy Krupansky is a coordinator for Project HIS Kids, an adoption and foster care ministry. 551 Words on Being a Mother …
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